Monday, December 5, 2011

my winter list.

Working in the hospitality industry has its perks.  In Chicago's blustery winter months hotels and restaurants come to a standstill, creating a month-long snow day for all of us worker bees.  While many of my hotel friends seek temporary employment in warmer places, I have committed myself to a stay-cation this year.  To stave off impending boredom (I cannot sit around for 30 days) I've put together a list of projects for my little home.

Every tiny apartment needs a focal wall.  My apartment has a ton of doorway spaces, which are great for creating a larger feel for my space, but terrible for defining spaces (living/sleeping/eating).  I'm committed to starting with a focal wall and then building my "rooms" around it.  Hopefully that will alleviate some of my cluttered clusters

I am willing to admit that I've been addicted to the same boring brown decor for years now, however with some very inspired help I am the proud owner of a kick-ass leather sofa that is begging for some complimentary decor.

my Living Area!
I haven't figured out where I'm supposed to put my bed.  I saw this sweet post on Apartment Therapy about building your bed into a closet's really cute but I need to find a way to frame out more walls around it...Expedit anyone?

from Apartment Therapy

While the new school of thinking is all about open floor plans with all locations visible, I've tried it for a few months and I'm not in love with it.

Off to find my camera...


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